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We are producer of 100% otganic oyster mushroom in North India. Each 100gm of dried oyster mushroom contains vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B6 B12, E & D. Each 100 gm / 35 aunce captain 33% calories, 0.4% fat, 6.4% carbohydrates & 33% protein. We are looking for bulk buyers across the globe.

Sustainable Farming

We believe in sustainable farming, and so do the farmers that we work with. Helping to protect the environment should be at the core of farming as a profession, because it’s the environment that enables us to continue enjoying fresh, high-quality products from the land. At our farmers market, we respect this fact, and promote sustainable farming wherever we can.

Locally Grown Food

We provide a venue for local farmers to sell what they have grown direct to the discerning shopper. If you want ultra-fresh fruit and veg that hasn’t travelled around the globe to get to you, then this is the place to be. But remember, since all the produce is grown locally, availability may vary week-to-week. Also, as our vendors are mostly small-scale producers who focus on offering quality rather than quantity, it pays to come early to be sure of finding what you want!

Dried Oyster Mushroom from Delhi, India

Highly Organic Dried Oyster Mushroom

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